A downloadable game for Windows

This is a prototype of my game called bioHAZARD leak, It's a somewhat of a wave survival game, first wave is 10 infected and every wave its +10 infected (wave mechanics will be changed in the future).

i wanted to apply a mechanic like nuclear throne that every wave you get a chance to mix a potion of somesort or like a vile, then you have a chance to help yourself by giving yourself more HP, speed or even weapons then theres a chance to give the Infected something, Like more HP, damage and speed. I'm thinking of making it so it could also lower those stats and not just to make them higher (THIS MECHANIC IS YET TO BE IMPLEMENTED, FOR NOW THERES NOT REALLY THAT MUCH)

I made something called "Turret Mode" aka Building mode, when clicking F you are in turret mode, not being able to shoot and only being able to place turrets, for now its 10 ingame currency so i can test it out without going alot through the game.

If you could give me feedback about what to change what to add and stuff that are good ideas or bad ideas!

This is an early prototype to see if people would like the idea of this game. not all sprites are implemented. But are yet to be.


bioHAZARD leak.exe 2 MB